Safely Bleach Your Hair At Home With 6 Easy Steps

If you want to bleach your hair at home rather than going to a salon, you’ll need to learn how to bleach your hair properly to get the results you want. We’ve seen one horror story after another about bleaching hair at home gone wrong due to using the wrong bleach-to-developer ratio or don’t know […]

Make Wig At Home With 4 Easy Steps

Wigs have become a long-lasting staple in the hair industry. Making a wig for daily use can be a difficult and time-consuming task, but with the right guidance, even a beginner can create a fantastic wig for themselves if they have the right tools and plenty of patience. If you are going to make a […]

How To Use Dry Shampoo Properly?

 We all love to have clean-feeling and fresh-looking hair. But let’s be realistic, we don’t always have time for a 30-minute hair care routine in the morning. You may sleep an extra thirty minutes or swing by your favorite coffee shop with a simple investment in dry shampoo for hair. More than that, dry shampoo […]

How To Determine Your Hair Type?

Getting to know your hair’s type and needs helps you create a hair-washing schedule that prioritizes the health and appearance of your locks. “Determine your hair type” starts with looking at your hair’s texture, then the wave/curl pattern (or lack thereof). The texture of your hair refers to the thickness of each individual strand. Your […]

curl your hair with a straighteners
How To Curl Your Hair With Hair Straighteners 2023

Today’s blog is all about showing you how to curl your hair with hair straighteners. With all the curling tools on the market, they can not only be intimidating when don’t know which one will give you that perfect effortless curl. We feel this fear, to be entirely honest! That’s why we learned how to […]

how to remove hand-tied weft hair extensions
How To Safely Remove Hand-tied Weft Extensions At Home?

While we always recommend visiting a trained professional for the removal of your hand-tied weft hair weft extensions. Sometimes needs must and you need them out sooner rather than later. If you must take your hand-tied weft extensions out at home, then please take care and follow the step-to-step guide showing how to safely remove […]

how to install weft hair extensions
Weft Hair Extensions: How To Apply

Are you looking for a way to add volume and length to your hair or if you’ve been looking for the best solution to avoid bad hair days without damaging your hair, but don’t know where to start? Weft hair extensions are just the perfect solution for you. They are seamless and simple to install. […]

Find The Best Verified Hair Supplier
How To Find Best Alibaba Hair Vendor?

Alibaba is a popular B2B platform that helps connect suppliers with buyers. Alibaba makes it easy enough to find a wholesale supplier in every field, and hair extensions are not exceptional. It offers an ever-expanding choice of suppliers and an excellent search engine. But having numerous suppliers offering countless products and services does not guarantee […]

How To Fix Damaged Hair
How To Fix Damaged Hair?

Knowing the source of the damage is the first step in determining how to fix damaged hair. Damaged hair repair comes in a range of treatments and solutions, but before you add the best-reviewed hair products to your order, make sure you understand what your hair needs. Restoring damaged hair is challenging, but not impossible. […]

how to naturally lighten your hair without bleach
How to Naturally Lighten Hair Without Bleach?

As the old saying goes, blondes supposedly have more fun—but truth be told, they also spend more money at the salon. Lightening your hair is a lot of upkeep. It means frequent trips to your colorist, more advanced haircare, and at least some damage (no matter what products you use). So how can we have […]

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