Hand tied vs Tape in Extensions: Which one is better?

We get daily inquiries on the differences between Tape-in hair extensions and Hand-tied Weft extensions. We firmly believe that both methods are today’s leading semi-permanent methods, and neither method is necessarily better than the other. With this being said, there are different lifestyles, hair types, budgets, and preferences that may be better suited for one […]

Clip in vs Tape in Extensions: A Convenient Hair Battle

When it comes to hair extensions, the sole purpose of us wearing them is versatility. Am I right? These days there are alternatives to wearing extensions beyond wigs, quick weaves, and sew-ins. Thankfully there are some alternatives to wearing tension-related extensions. Clip in vs tape in hair extensions are this alternatives! Here at AZ Hair, […]

Machine Weft vs. Hand-tied Weft
Sew-in Hair Extensions: Hand-tied Weft Vs. Machine Weft

Sew-in hair extensions have been around for years; however, due to their recent plunge into the realm of social media, weft extensions have begun to increase in the industry. Because sew-in wefts are often supported and recommended by celebrities and other prominent influencers, more and more clients have likely been coming to you and asking […]

Nano Ring vs Micro Ring: Which One Is Better?

Today’s women are lucky when it comes to the options they have for hairstyles and the means to change up their looks in an instant. If you can’t guess yet, we’re talking about hair extensions. Now, you won’t have to wait long months or even years to enjoy long and voluminous hair. Hair extensions are […]

Hair Comparison: Genius Weft Vs Hand-tied Weft

Creating the hair of your clients’ dreams starts with choosing the perfect, most compatible weft to best suit their needs & lifestyle. But, with so many weft options, making that decision can be overwhelming. We’re here to give you the breakdown between two of the most popular wefts, Genius Weft vs Hand Tied Weft. Both […]

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